Ho Chi Minh

Quantic Ltd., Co

Address: 5th Floor, 119 Dien Bien Phu, Da Kao, Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh city

Tel: 028 3820243028/9   * Website:   www.quantic.com.vn   *   Email: info@quantic.com.vn

Field: Outsourcing services, Off-shore, Business Application, RIA, GIS

HPT Vietnam Corporation

Address: Lot E2a-3, D1 St., Saigon Hi-Tech Park, Long Thanh My Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC

Tel: 028 54123400   * Website: www.hpt.vn  

Field: System integration, Softwares and IT services, Information safety

DXC Vietnam

Address: 9 Doan Van Bo, Dist. 4, HCMC

Tel: 028 39238520   * Website: http://www.dxc.technology/vn_vn

Email: tdang20@csc.com

Field: Application Services, Big data, Business and technology analysis and consulting

TMA Solutions

Address: 111 Nguyen Dinh Chinh, Ward 15, Phu Nhuan Dist., HCMC

*Tel: 028 39903848      * Website: www.tmasolutions.com  

* Email: sales@tma.com.vn

Field: Telecommunications and R&D network, business application, mobile solution

Glass Egg Co, Ltd.

Address: 17th floor, REE Tower, 9 Doan Van Bo, Dist.4, HCMC

*Tel: 028 39431389   *  Website:  www.glassegg.com  

Field: Game development and Graphics softwares

Quang Trung Software City Development Company

Address:  Building 3, Quang Trung software park, Tan Chanh Hiep, Dist.12, HCMC

*Tel: 028 37155055   * Website:   http://www.qtsc.com.vn  


Field: IT services

Harvey Nash Vietnam Ltd.

Address: 3rd  Floor, E-Town 1, 364 Cong Hoa, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC

*Tel: 028 38106200   *  Website: www.harveynash.vn  

* Email: talentpool@harveynash.vn

Field: BPO, ITO and KPO

Success Software Service

Address: 8 Le Trung Nghia, Ward 12, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC

Tel: 028 39 483 800   *Website: www.success-ss.com.vn

Field: Mobile application  development, software development, Phát triển ứng dụng Mobile, software development

Hitachi Vantara Vietnam

Address: Helios Building, Quang Trung Software park, Tan Chanh Hiep, Dist.12, HCMC

Tel:028 54371199   *  Website:www.globalcybersoft.com

Field: IT Outsourcing

VNG Joint stock Company

Address: 14 Floor, Flemington building, 182 Le Dai Hanh, Ward 15, Dist.11, HCMC

Tel: 028 38664666   *   www.vng.com.vn   *   partnership@vng.com.vn

Field: Game PC Development, mobile application

Luxoft Vietnam Company Ltd.

Address: 1st Floor, Anna building, Quang Trung software park , Tan Chanh Hiep, Ward 12, HCMC

Tel: 028 54371178   *   www.luxoft.com

Field: BPO, ITO and KPO

Dolsoft Co., Ltd

Address: 21C-21D Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan, HCMC

Tel: 028 38236900   *   www.dolsoft.com   *   dolsoft@hcm.vnn.vn

Field: Security and Semiconductor

ELCA Information Technology (Vietnam) Ltd

Address: 7th Floor, Melody-2 Tower, N1 Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh, HCMC

Tel: 028 38994740   *   www.elca.vn   *   info@elca.vn

Field: Software development

Saigon Telecommunication & Technologies Corp.

Address: Lot 46, Quang Trung software park, Tan Chanh Hiep, Ward 12, HCMC

Tel: 028 39301015   *   http://saigontel.com/   *   info@saigontel.vn

Field: Telecommunications

Digi - Texx Vietnam

Address: 2nd Floor, Anna Building, Quang Trung Software park, Tan Chanh Hiep, Ward 12, HCMC

Tel: 028 37155325   *   www.digi-texx.com.vn

Field: BPO, ITO and KPO

Swiss Post Solutions Co.,Ltd

Address: Saigon ICT Tower, Quang Trung Software park, Tan Chanh Hiep, Ward 12, HCMC

Tel: 028 37155359   *   www.spsvietnam.vn   *    info@spsvietnam.vn

Field: Data, IT services, BPO, imagine processing, software development

Asian Dragon Information Technology Ltd.

Address: E47 Hoang Quoc Viet, Phu Nhuan, Dist.7, HCMC

Tel: 028 37853090   *   www.asiandragon-vn.com  

Field: IT training service

Technology Resources Vietnam Ltd

Address: 145-147 Nguyen Co Thach, An Loi Dong Ward, Ward 2, HCMC

Tel: 028 38236900   *   www.trginternational.com  

Field: ERP management software of businesses, finance, retail, restaurants,…

Asiasoft Co..Ltd

Addres: Room 5024, Lu Gia building, 70 Lu Gia, Ward 15, Ward 11, HCMC

Tel: 028 62644988   *   http://dzogame.vn*   info@asiasoft.net.vn

Field: Online game developing services

ISB Vietnam Co., Ltd

Address: Room.3.1, 3rd floor , Etown 2 building, 364 Cong Hoa, Ward 13, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC

Tel: 028 38127145   *   www.isb-vietnam.com.vn

Field: mobile application, business development

KMS Technology Vietnam Company Limited

Address: 123 Cong Hoa, Ward 12, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC

Tel: 028 38119977   *   www.kms-technology.com  

Field: BPO, Consulting service, Analytic, design, code and security services

L. A. R.I.O.N Computing Co., Ltd

Address: Room 10, Building 5, Quang Trung software park, Tan Chanh Hiep, Ward 12, HCMC

Tel: 028 37155742   *   www.elarion.com   *   info@elarion.com

Field: Software manufacturing and outsourcing, training.

Excellence Consultants International Company Limited

Address: 2nd floor, 235-241 Cong Hoa, Ward 13, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC

Tel: 028 38114705   *   www.ecci.com.vn  

Field: Consulting service, training , consulting service of general management, manufacturing management

Orient Software Development Coporation

Address: Room.5.8, 5th Floor, Etown Building, 364 Cong Ho