Top 10 Startups in Pitching và Matching TECHFEST Conference - Startup ICT
Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) has just officially announced the list of 10 best Startups selected for Pitching and Matching in the TECHFEST Conference on Startup ICT with the topic “Cloud Native - Trend for Startup” will take place on December 4, 2021 via Zoom platform. The conference is one of the event of the Digital Transformation Summit 2021 (DX Summit 2021) and the National TECHFEST Vietnam 2021, organized by VINASA, Vietnam Digital Technology Investment Club (VDI), 844 Project Office (Ministry of Science and Technology) in collaboration with Platform and Infrastructure Village, TECHFEST 2021. This is also an activity under the project of Supporting the national innovation startup ecosystem until 2025. The program includes 03 activities: Conference, Pitching and Matching Startups with investors. The conference aims to introduce typical Startups, promote the market for ICT Startups, support investment connection between potential Startups with Investors, start-up support organizations in Vietnam and step by step reach to the region and the world.

The organizers of TECHFEST Conference - ICT Startup with the topic “Cloud Native - Trend for Startups” said that the conference has attracted a lot of interest in registering to participate from Startups nationwide, especially startups with solutions and products using Cloud platform. After being evaluated by a prestigious and experienced Judges, the Organizing Committee has announced a list of Startups that will participate in Pitching and Matching with Investors and Investment Funds with outstanding products and solutions: is a startup project with the desire to become a Salesforce in the field of HR software. Solutions named the word “easy-dễ dàng” with the desire to help small and medium enterprises manage their personnel easier. This is the potential customer that has great demand but is hesitant to invest in HR software.

WIFIM Technology Joint Stock Company has been established since 2018 in the field of Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Digital Transformation, Programming...applying technical strengths to solve problems for customers.

Startup LIBA, specializing in researching and manufacturing Lithium batteries applied to industrial fields, customers are enterprises in the industry: solar energy, robots, electric vehicles, battery energy storage ... The goals of LiBa is promoting the replacement of lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries to help protect the environment.

VN Check – is a Startup with a secure and absolutely transparent platform for Agriculture and Traditional Medicine applying technology. Up to now, after 18 months of development, VN Check has become the first and only application on the market to truly trade through a traceability platform with Blockchain technology. With this technology, the origin of Vietnamese agricultural products will be completely transparent.

Edeec is a building design engineering consulting company, a pioneer in Vietnam, and the only Vietnamese company that applies intensive energy simulation techniques to support building design with the goal of energy saving, green building at a more reasonable cost than the current general design.

IPI Technology is a Startup specialized in providing and deploying analysis service packages to convert the traditional supply model to distribution, retail, and e-commerce in a new style for Companies, Manufacturing and Distribution Corporations, Retail.

Soby is a Startup with the foundation of providing a set of business support tools and building brand reputation for sellers via social networks. The application integrates diverse payment methods, many shipping options, advanced escrow system, AI virtual assistant, and omnichannel order management system in one app.

Startup Ressharing uses information technology to promote the development of the sharing economy with efforts to develop projects that support the community, save resources, and bring high economic efficiency. Resshare is an open super application of technology products that support an ecosystem of community projects that create social impact and contribute to solving social problems.

VIFO is a Startup that connects insurance companies, customers, insurance agents and customer care together to create a common system to bring insurance to everyone. VIFO currently offers more than 2000 products from more than 17 major insurance companies in Vietnam. Products range from health, accident, motor vehicle, home, travel, pet and agricultural insurance.

Gtelsoft is a Startup founded by people with many years of experience working on large and complex projects in multinational companies. With the desire to apply high technology in developing and deploying a low-code platform to significantly shorten software development time and reduce investment costs. Helping small and medium enterprises easily access and apply IT in management at low cost.

Through this program, the Organizing Committee hopes to help spread the innovative start-up spirit of Startups with Cloud-based technology solutions and products which is one of the important platforms to ensure the success of startups. The success of technology startups aims to save on infrastructure costs, the ability to scale quickly, and the ability to access the global market.

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